University of La Verne announces the Scholarship Notice of International Exchange Program in Business Strategy, Financial Decisions, Marketing Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Leading & Coaching and Business English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students. 

Advanced Topics in Business Strategy  

Advanced Topics in Financial Decisions and Corporate Policy  

Advanced Topics in Marketing Management  

Advanced Topics in Project Management  

Contemporary Topics in Public Administration  

Finance & Accounting 

Leading & Coaching the Human Organization 

Strategy & Marketing  Business English

The top 10% of the applicants receive the Scholarship based on:


How early they apply. 


Benefit: 70% of the full tuition  

Host institution: University of La Verne  

Exchange period: 3 weeks 

Intake: Summer 2023 

Registration Period: September 26th to October 21st 

Eligibility Criteria 

Any student who, by the time of the chosen intake, has met all three requirements below: 

Being 18 years old. 

Having successfully completed the 4th semester of undergraduate degree or currently a postgraduate student for the Advanced programs. 

Having at least an intermediate level of proficiency in English. 

Steps of the process 

Complete the online Application. 

Applications will be accepted starting September 26th. 

In the online application, you will be asked to briefly describe the reason you are applying for this scholarship and describe how the program will help you attain your personal and/or professional goals. 

Delivery of final documentation by the selected candidates in this selection process.  

Scholarship recipients will be notified individually after 10 days. 


As a way of welcoming the student to explore the following certificate program options, our team is available to assist here.